In the media, a number of large main stream car manufacturers have publicly announced job cuts across the board. Could this be a sign that main stream dealerships could follow? Customer purchasing of new cars as we all know has plummeted since the beginning of the year. car service macon

People who had money during the boom time forked out huge amounts of hard earned cash at brand new cars. I always laugh when someone says to me, ‘check out my new 09 car’! See people don’t actually realize that when you drive that brand new car out of showroom, that you actually drive 3000-4000k off the price of the car. Physically driving out of the garage puts you out of pocket! If you were to resell the car the same day, you would be astounded at the price the car would sell for on the market. If you were to purchase an 08 car (A Year Older), you would save yourself a small fortune. What really determines a new car?

Lets be honest, these dealerships and manufacturers made there money during the boom. But now, things have turned the opposite way. Customers are no longer buying new cars and getting their cars serviced with these main stream dealers. In my opinion, I think people are moving towards the smaller garages, which are cheaper and in most cases provide the same quality of service as the dealerships.

I would not be surprised at all in the next few months to see a large number of car dealerships going under. At the moment, I think they are trying very hard to keep their heads above water. Something will have to be done by these dealers to prevent them sinking. Maybe the dealerships will reduce the price of car services that they offer, such as general services, Pre-Nct, clutch replacement etc. But with regards to the purchase of new cars; the market is just not there any more.


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