1. “Every thing I did wrong was for working experience. That’s how I see it. After a man is seeking superior information and he attempts to be trustworthy and truthful in all endeavors, then his life is simply an experience. It cannot be a regret”. Fela: This Bitch of the Existence, Carlos Moore.

2. “That is my ally because it is a fela kuti quotes present of the creator to Africans. It is just a spirit. Cannabis has 5 fingers of development…it boosts your 5 senses.”

3. “Yes, In case you are in England the music is often an instrument of enjoyment. You can sing about whom you will bed next. But in my own setting, my Modern society is underdeveloped thanks to an alien system on our folks. So there’s no new music satisfaction. There is nothing like really like. There is a thing like a wrestle for folks’s existence.”

4. “A radical is he who has no sense…fights devoid of reason…I’ve a cause. I’m authentic. Certainly, that’s what I am.”

5. “A lutta continua… A lutta continua. A lutta continua… No! It will have to not continue. The battle need to Halt!” Fela: This Bitch of a Lifetime, Carlos Moore

six. “To generally be spiritual is not by praying and going to church. Spiritualism will be the knowledge of the universe so that it could be a much better spot to live in.”

seven. “Songs is often a weapon of the future / tunes is definitely the weapon from the progressives/new music could be the weapon in the givers of daily life”.

8. “My folks are frightened of the air all around them, they constantly have an justification to not battle for liberty”.

9. “I need peace. Joy. Not just for myself. For everyone.”

10. “I need to determine myself with Africa. Then I will likely have an identification.”