6 Popular Malayalam Films To Add To Your List

In the last decade, Malayalam cinema has churned out exceptional Malayalam movies that have paved the way for a larger audience and a better cinematic experience. The film industry has been directly releasing new malayalam movies on OTT platforms giving us plenty of options in movies to watch online. In case you missed out on some of the gems of Malayalam cinema, you can take a look at the list of popular films to stream online.

  1. Malik

The film represents the adventurous spirit of contemporary Malayalam cinema. It is a political thriller that showcases how politicians manipulate the system and people for personal gains. Malik is packed with action sequences and interesting characters. It revolves around the theme of family, community and political conflicts. The lead character Sulaiman is an influential personality in the coastal area of Ramadappalli. You also get to see the story of the people of Ramadappalli through interesting incidents and some dramatic turns of events.

  1. Nayattu

The Netflix film is a socio-political drama thriller flick. Nayattu is directed by Martin Prakkat. It is about three police personnel KP Maniyan, Sunitha Krishna and Praveen Michael, who get framed for a murder. Every scene thereafter holds a trail of observation followed by the unexpected turn of events that slowly leads towards its climax. From storyline to caste politics to cinematography and quality acting, the film hits all the marks.

  1. Kuruthi

A Malayalam thriller flick that you must not miss. Kuruthi is based on bigotry fuelled communal hatred and the consequences that follows. In the movie, Vishnu (Sagar Surya) murdered a man for hurting his religious sentiments. Now he’s being chased by a group of men who want him dead. However, Sathyan (Murali Gopy), is determined not to let that happen. Now, he has to make a choice between supporting his friends or saving the life of a stranger. The movie narrative is gripping and will keep you glued to your screen.

  1. Kurup

Kurup has a compelling tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat till the end. It is about a criminal Sudhakara Kurup, who tries to find a man of a similar appearance to falsify his death and claim the insurance money. Kurup is directed by Srinath Rajendran and is based on a true story. The crime thriller is a must-watch film available to stream on Netflix.

  1. Nizhal

The story of Nizhal is quite intriguing. It is about an eight-year-old boy, Nitin, who narrates the story of a murder in his class, including gruesome details that ends up scaring everyone. Not only that, he can describe a series of murders that happened 30 years ago. We later see Dr Shalini (Divyaprabha) and John Baby (Kunchacko Boban), who is a First Class Judicial Magistrate attempting to decode the mystery.

  1. Kho Kho

Kho-Kho is a Malayalam sports-based film that got an OTT released in 2021. The film is quite inspirational as we get to know more about the sport. It also highlights the journey of an athlete who builds an all-woman Kho-kho team. However, the path to success is not so easy, she has to tackle the mindset of the villagers, school authorities and her demons from the past to make this possible.